Considering the number of immigrants who criss-cross the globe every year, hoping to settle down in a new country with a new life, you'd think there would be more movies about the immigrant experience. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case.

Canadian director and screenwriter Sudz Sutherland has changed all that with "Home Again," which screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Starring Tatyana Ali ("Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") and CCH Pounder ("Avatar"), the movie follows three different immigrant deportation stories -- one from the US, one from Canada, and another from the UK -- as they're deported back to the Caribbean from their settled-in lives.

Moviefone spoke with the two stars and the director, to hear about their inspirations, their personal experiences with deportation and immigration, and what Trinidad was like as a stand-in for Jamaica.

Watch the interview above.

"Home Again" will have a limited release (in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver) on March 22, 2013.
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