If you can't wait to see Kevin James moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter, you're in luck -- Moviefone has a "Here Comes the Boom" ticket giveaway!

In the upcoming comedy, James plays a former college wrestling champ and current high school biology teacher at a failing school. As finances start to deteriorate and threaten extra-circular activities, as well as teachers' jobs, James begins moonlighting as an MMA fighter as a way to raise money.

Below are a list of cities where the advanced showings are being held. The first 15 people to respond for each screening get a pair of tickets. To redeem tickets/RSVP, send an email including your name, along with the city and date you're requesting, to BoomScreening@aol.com

List of screenings:Pittsburgh, Southside Works (10/2, 7:30PM)

Hartford, Rave Buckland Hills (10/3, 7:00PM)

Albany, Regal Latham Circle 10 (10/4, 7:30PM)

Baltimore, Regal Hunt Valley (10/4, 7:00PM)

Boston, N/A Randolph (10/4, 7:00PM)

Buffalo, Regal Walden Galleria (10/4, 7:30PM)

Harrisburg, Cinema Center Camp Hill (10/4, 7:30PM)

New York, AMC Roosevelt Field 8 (10/4, 7:00PM)

Norfolk, Regal Columbus Stadium (10/4, 7:00PM)

Philadelphia, Ritz 5 (10/4, 7:30PM)

Providence, N/A Seekonk (10/4, 7:00PM)

Richmond, Regal Short Pump (10/4, 7:00PM)

Washington, Regal Gallery Place (10/4, 8:00PM)

Kansas City, AMC Barrywoods (10/2, 7:30 PM)

Grand Rapids, Celebration Cinema Rivertown (10/3, 7:30 PM)

Indianapolis, Regal UA Circle Centre (10/3, 7:00 PM)

Omaha, Marcus Twin Creek (10/3, 7:30 PM)

Wichita, Dickinson Northrock (10/3, 7:30 PM)

Sr. Louis, B&B Wildwood (10/4, 7:00 PM)

Seattle, Pacific Place 11 (10/10, 7:00PM)

You'll need to RSVP to the BoomScreening@aol.com e-mail at least 24 hours before each screening.

"Here Comes the Boom" hits theaters on October 12.

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