News flash: Anna Kendrick can sing! The "Up in the Air" actress shows off a stunning set of pipes in her new comedy "Pitch Perfect," as college freshman Beca, who reluctantly gets drafted into an a capella singing competition.

The busy Kendrick recently spoke with Moviefone ahead of the film's release. Here, she discusses the film's most inappropriate moment and her love of "Fraggle Rock" and "30 Rock.' However, she was tightlipped about whether she's going to be in "Captain America 2."

You're in six movies this year! Yeah. I'm tired. I don't sleep. I'm a cyborg.

Are you going to take some time off? Yeah. I mean, maybe not. It's hard to say when. Something you really want to do always comes along at the worst times. I would really like to to take some time off right now but who can say.

You're a hot property! [Laughs] I'm my own worst enemy. It's hard to say no to something that I'm really attracted to.

So what made you want to do this movie instead of relaxing at home? I do have a strong desire to relax at home. I think the thing I liked about this is just how surprising the humor was. It continued to catch me off guard. Just when I thought I knew who a character was and what her storyline was going to be, [screenwriter] Kay [Cannon] would kind of turn it on its head and subvert a lot of these archetypes and I thought that was really interesting and intelligent. I'm a big fan of "30 Rock," which I think is the most genius show on television, so I could feel that voice in the script, which was exciting to me.

There's still time to guest star on "30 Rock." You know they like to put movie stars on there. It would be nice. But I don't think I could take the rejection [if I didn't get the role].

I think most people are surprised to know that you can sing. And so well! I started in musical theater, but it's fun to show that to a wider audience, [and] also nerve-wracking. You're definitely putting yourself out there in a new way. I was nervous about it, but it's just so much fun, so it was worth it.

You're re-teaming with your "What to Expect When You're Expecting" co-star Elizabeth Banks, who also co-produced this movie. Was she instrumental in getting you on board? Yeah, she's a shark! The second they offered it to me, she said, "So excited you're doing the movie!" She's like, full-on Harvey Weinstein. Obviously she had her producer hat on the entire time and she's tenacious; she got a lot of stuff done.

She doesn't have any scenes with you, but was she on set a lot? Yeah, but it felt like the 10 girls were in our own bubble a lot. I wasn't as close to the crew as I usually am because it was this weird, super-close, incestuous thing with all the girls where we were like, "Let's hang out all the time!" Most of my memories of set are of the girls.

I hear the group went through "a capella boot camp." What did that entail? They keep calling it boot camp, but it was just rehearsals. "Boot camp!" It wasn't like, "Drop and give me ten scales." It was just like usual rehearsal stuff. They took it way easy on us. It's not like we were shedding tears every day.

The press notes say there were blisters. Oh yeah, those shoes were mighty uncomfortable, for both performances, actually. The sneaker heels thing is a myth. They were saying, "They're like sneakers." No, they're like heels is what they're like. That's like saying a denim skirt is like jeans. It's not.

Did you know all the words to "The Sign" or "Party in the USA" before this? Oh my god, I never want to hear "The Sign" ever again in my life. That haunts my dreams. For the most part, I knew all the songs but I didn't know the lyrics to every song, with the exception of "No Diggity." I had to learn the rap, but I knew the rest of the song by heart.

"Pitch Perfect" was directed by Jason Moore, who directed the Broadway hit "Avenue Q," and you're also in this awesome Ben Folds video with all the "Fraggle Rock "characters. So I guess you've kind of got a thing for puppets? Yeah. That's funny. I mean, the "Fraggle Rock" thing, Chris Hardwick from Nerdist just asked me to do that and I couldn't say yes fast enough. I was so excited.

So if there's a "Fraggle Rock" movie, are you like, "Please include me?"Yeah. I'm like "please include me!'

You have your "discovered singing in the shower" scene. How would you say it compares to Zooey Deschanel's in "Elf?" Oh, right! Well, I guess this one's infinitely more inappropriate, because [Brittany Show] actually walks in on me and is fine with seeing me naked and showing me all her lady bits. And I thought that scene was so funny. I love the idea that this girl is really nice and a really positive person but just has no idea what boundaries are. So that scene made me laugh so much. When she does that psychotic, huge blue eyes thing, I just try not to laugh.

Can we expect more singing from you now? I don't know. Maybe. It's not something that I'm actively pursuing.

But you're not putting a record out? Oh my god, no! That sounds like a terrible idea.

There are rumors that you're going to join "Captain America 2." I don't know until I know. Whatever.

But would you like to do it? There's no point in even... come on! I see what you're doing.

Were you a huge "Avengers" fan? Yeah, I liked "The Avengers." But you're not going to get me to say anything! I'm not going to be drawn on this!

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