Jewish moms, prepare to kvell: The first trailer for the comedy, "The Guilt Trip" has arrived.

Directed by romantic comedy veteran Anne Fletcher ("The Proposal," "27 Dresses") the film stars Barbra Streisand as a cheek-pinching mother and Seth Rogen as her son who decide to go on an unexpected, relationship-bonding road trip.

Rogen described being on-set with Streisand prepared him well for the role as her son.

"She offered me a lot of food I didn't want to eat," he laughed. "Like a good Jewish mother. I realized after working with Barbra Streisand that I think all Jewish mothers have kind of modeled themselves after Barbra Streisand. Like she's the blueprint for all our mothers' behaviors, and I met the source and I get it now."

Take a look at the newly-released trailer above. "The Guilt Trip" hits theaters November 2.

[via Yahoo]

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