Comedy legends Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara both jumped at the chance to work with iconic filmmaker Tim Burton again on his new stop-motion animated film "Frankenweenie." O'Hara first collaborated with Burton in the '80s on "Beetlejuice" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas," while Short worked with him on 1996's "Mars Attacks."

This time around, Burton kept both of the actors busy in his heartwarming tale of a grieving boy named Victor who brings his dog Sparky back to life. In addition to voicing Victor's loving parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, Short and O'Hara played the scheming Mayor Burgermeister (Short), Victor's creepy schoolmate Weird Girl (O'Hara), Victor's equally creepy schoolmate Nassor (Short) and Victor's overbearing gym teacher, known simply as Gym Teacher (O'Hara).

We sat down with Short and O'Hara in Toronto recently, and chatted about everything from bringing pets back from the dead to what it was like working with Burton again.

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