In the upcoming horror film "Sinister,"Ethan Hawke stars as a true-crime journalist who moves his family into a house where the previous tenants were murdered. Investigating leftover items of the deceased family, he discovers a mysterious box in the attic. It appears to be nothing more than old home movies, but the films are actually grisly recordings of not only the family's death, but several other families who have been murdered throughout the decades. Even more terrifying, there appears to be a supernatural demon that lives inside the film reel -- and may threaten his family next.

The demon is known as Bagul, and you may have spotted him in the film's clever poster design, hiding in a blood-smeared image on the wall. To help brace you for the film's nightmarish imagery, Summit has released a series of interpretive posters that capture the movie's shocking imagery. Moviefone is premiering two exclusive images that offer a glimpse into the disturbing contents of Bagul's film reels.

Check out the demonic new "Sinister" posters below.


sinister poster (Click to enlarge)

sinister poster (Click to enlarge)

Sinister Movie Poster
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