Ever notice that Oscar-nominated actress Salma Hayek plays a nurse a lot? Sure, the types of nurses she plays vary greatly, but still, we can't think of another actress who has sported nurses' scrubs more than Hayek.

Think about it for a minute. She played Jack's mother's nurse Elisa on "30 Rock." She was the hot telenovela nurse on "Ugly Betty," and the school nurse in the teen horror flick "The Faculty." She even played all of the nurses in the 2007 musical "Across the Universe."

And now she's playing a nurse yet again in this week's release "Here Comes the Boom," co-starring Kevin James. The unlikely duo play a school nurse and a high school biology teacher, respectively. James's character decides to work towards becoming an MMA fighter in order to raise money for the cash-strapped school.

Along the way, he tries to woo Hayek's character and she becomes a reluctant cheerleader for his far-fetched pursuit. The flick is goofier than the films we're used to seeing Hayek appear in, but she should feel right at home in the nurse's office.

Of course, this isn't the first Happy Madison production Hayek has co-starred in. She played Adam Sandler's impossibly hot wife in "Grown Ups," and she's reprising her role for next year's sequel, "Grown Ups 2." As terrible as "Grown Ups" was, you can't really blame her for signing on for both. After all, hanging out with Sandler and company in a resort-like setting really doesn't seem so bad. And the paycheck probably doesn't hurt, either.

With Hayek slipping on the nurses' scrubs yet again, I compiled a list of her many nurse-related roles from over the years.

1. Elisa on "30 Rock." Ah, Elisa. So beautiful. So giving. So ... jealous of Liz Lemon? When Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) fell in love with his mother's nurse Elisa, he was willing to overlook almost anything. Even her admission that she killed her husband! Sadly, Jack had to say goodbye when it became clear Elisa wasn't cool with his pal Lemon.

2. Nurses in "Across the Universe." Yes, nurses plural. Hayek was reportedly so eager to appear in "Across the Universe," she asked director Julie Taymor if she could squeeze her in somehow. Taymor asked if she wanted to play a nurse, but Hayek wasn't content with playing just one. In an interview, Hayek said she played all of the nurses (12 in total), but many didn't make the final cut.

3. Telenovela nurse on "Ugly Betty." This is our first clue that Hayek's penchant for playing nurses isn't a coincidence. As one of the show's executive producers, she probably had the pull to assign herself whatever role she wanted. And apparently she wanted to play a telenovela nurse. We say it was a good call -- she was hilarious as the soapy nurse.

4. Nurse Rosa in "The Faculty." Rosa isn't your typical high school nurse. Like the rest of the faculty, she's infected by an alien parasite that gives her an insatiable thirst for water. Clearly Hayek and director Robert Rodriguez enjoy working together. She has appeared in a ton of his movies, from "Desperado" to "Spy Kids 3D" and, of course, "The Faculty."

5. Hayek channeled her inner nurse once again on a humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone in 2009, when she famously played nurse to another woman's baby. Video footage of her selflessly breastfeeding the sick child quickly went viral.

"Here Comes The Boom" opens in theaters on October 12.

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