If you were a fan of the cult crime comedy "In Bruges," you're probably already anxiously awaiting the release of "Seven Psychopaths," the follow-up film from Colin Farrell and writer-director Martin McDonagh. And this time around, they've brought along an awesome supporting cast of Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits and Woody Harrelson.

In "Psychopaths," Farrell stars as a struggling screenwriter who is inadvertently dragged into a crime world mess, when his low-rent thieving friends (Walken and Rockwell) dognap the beloved Shih Tzu of a notorious crime lord (Woody Harrelson).

Just how menacing is Harrelson's crime boss? Judge for yourself in the exclusive preview at the top of this post. He's just found out his dog is missing and the first person who must be held accountable for this crisis is the dog-sitter (played by "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe). If this is his first response to bad news, it looks like the Shih Tzu has hit the fan.

"Seven Psychopaths" hits theaters on Friday, October 12.
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Seven Psychopaths
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