Zany dark comedy "Seven Psychopaths" won the People's Choice at Midnight Madness at the Toronto Film Festival this year, which goes to show that this ensemble cast has just the right chemistry to pull off laughs and strike the right chords.

Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell (along with co-stars Colin Farrell and Woody Harrelson) manage to bring the funny while playing -- for lack of a better word -- complete and utter psychopaths. The humor is dark, sure, but the actors balance the laughs with the more dramatic elements.

Moviefone caught up with Walken and Rockwell to talk about why joining this film was a "no-brainer," the Shih Tzu and if everyone is truly crazy. (For the record, it seems like everybody's crazy, except for Christopher Walken -- or maybe not.)

Watch the video interview, above.

"Seven Psychopaths" opens in theaters on Friday, October 12.

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Seven Psychopaths
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