The tale told in the hostage drama "Argo" is so far-fetched -- no one would believe all its twists and turns -- and yet it really happened. It takes a lot of skill to make a suspenseful thriller when the audiences knows how the film will end but, by all accounts, Ben Affleck has pulled it off.

Here are a few other topnotch true-story films that were based on actual events and manage to ratchet up the tension even though we know what happened to the real people. We've left off movies that heavily fictionalized real events (like "Titanic") or were merely "inspired by" or "loosely based" on true stories (like "The Hurt Locker").

Take a look at 10 of the tensest real-life adaptations below. Warning: SPOILERS.

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A CIA agent hatches a risky plan to get six Americans out of Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis. Read More

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