The trailer for "ThanksKilling 3" is here and it could very well be the best cult horror comedy about an evil, foul-mouthed, blade-wielding turkey this year!

If you feel confused and ostracized from a pop culture that has apparently gone crazy with "ThanksKilling" movies, relax. "ThanksKilling 3" is the first movie to skip its own sequel. As the old Skeksis from "The Dark Crystal" (we think?) explains at the beginning of the trailer, all copies of "ThanksKilling 2" have been destroyed except for one. This time around, the murderous Turkie (follow him on Twitter!), the slasher star of 2009's ultra-low-budget cult horror comedy is back and will do whatever it takes to destroy the sequel (and "whatever it takes" involves blood, chainsaws, demented puppets, weird cyber guys and a guy in a colonial wig). Frankly, we would expect nothing less from a film that is proudly billed as "the raunchiest puppet movie ever made."

Heads up Harvey Weinstein, you've been put on notice: this year's Oscar race just... got... interesting.

"ThanksKilling 3" hits theaters on November 1, then arrives on OnDemand and iTunes on November 13.

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