In 2009, the trailer for a film called "Paranormal Activity" began making the rounds on both the Web and TV. The two-minute clip billied "PA" as one of the scariest movies of all time, and soon enough, the film gained traction with both critics and general moviegoers, who were eager to see what this "found footage" flick was all about.

Several months later, "Paranormal Activity" went on to become the most profitable franchise of all time, based on return on investment (the budget was a mere $15,000; the movie raked in $193 million at the box office). After the unbelievable -- and, frankly, surprising -- success of the movie, the film would spawn three sequels, one of which his theaters over the weekend.

While each "PA" has managed to weave one cohesive storyline throughout its four chapters -- the plot surrounds two sisters who begin experiencing paranormal activity (duh) -- the trailers for each movie have also become a bit of a conversation-starter amongst horror fans (especially for the ones that show actual audiences frantically reacting to a screening of the latest "Paranormal" phenomenon).

So, in honor of "Paranormal Activity 4", lets relive all of the best (aka most frightening) trailers and TV spots from each of the "PA"s.

Paranormal Activity 4 Movie Poster
Paranormal Activity 4
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