Brad Pitt never disappoints when it comes to choosing diverse roles. His ability to morph into everything from an insane animal rights activist to a sensitive vampire and everything in between is what helped him shed his 'hunk' moniker and ultimately enjoy a long and well-respected career as a serious actor.

In his latest release, "Killing Them Softly," (set for release on November 30) he changes up his look once again. This time around, he's rockin' a greasy pompadour-esque hairdo with a badass leather jacket as a professional hitman who likes to "kill 'em softly," as the title suggests. Throw in a cheesy little goatee, a v-neck shirt and a gold chain, and he blends in perfectly with the likes of Ray Liotta and James Gandolfini, two vets of the mob genre.

(Pitt sports yet another distinctive look in his strange new commercial for Chanel no. 5, which recently hit the airwaves. He has long, highlighted blond hair, a salt 'n' pepper goatee, and is wearing a crisp button-up shirt. He looks great, but that doesn't mean the ad makes sense. He solemnly recites an existential monologue, with observations like "the world turns and we turn with it," that don't really lead anywhere ... except to a close-up of the perfume bottle. Maybe Chanel figures women will buy anything Pitt endorses, whether his endorsement makes sense or not.)

Pitt clearly enjoys playing with his look. The most recent issue of Interview features a conversation between Pitt and Guy Ritchie, as well as a fun photo shoot in which Pitt shows off his chameleon-like skills. My favorite is definitely Rasta Brad, though old-timey guyliner Brad with a bow tie is pretty awesome, too.

With so many distinct, different Pitt looks hitting us from every angle these days, I couldn't help but think of my all-time favorites.

1. Interview With the Vampire. Before women were swooning over True Blood's Eric and Bill and Twilight's Edward, they were entertaining impure thoughts about Pitt as Vampire Louis. Those icy blue eyes, blood-red lips and that impeccably coiffed long sandy hair went perfectly with his puffy white shirts and dashing vests.

2. 12 Monkeys. Pitt wasn't exactly attractive in 12 Monkeys, with his ugly sweaters, untamed hair and crazy eyes. He completely disappeared into the role of the unhinged activist Jeffrey Goines in a performance that didn't go unnoticed by his peers: he snagged an Oscar nomination and took home a Golden Globe. Most importantly, he proved he was far more than just a pretty face.

3. Inglourious Basterds. The flip! The little mustache! The scarf! His role as Lt. Aldo Raine showed us Pitt as we've never seen him before. Here's hoping Pitt and director Quentin Tarantino collaborate again -we'd love to see Pitt sport another iconic, uniquely Tarantino look.

4. Fight Club. Tyler Durden is definitely one of Pitt's most memorable roles of all time. Tyler's look was so distinctive that the character has even become a popular Halloween costume choice. All you need is spiky hair, a patterned button-up shirt that's unbuttoned just enough, a slick brown leather jacket and a cigarette dangling from your lips. And don't forget the inner rage.

5. Legends of the Fall. Pitt cemented his heartthrob status as the brooding Tristan with long, luscious blond locks in this old-timey epic. If the whole acting thing hadn't worked out, I'm sure he could have parlayed this particular look into a long and fruitful career as a romance cover model. Fabio most definitely breathed a sigh of relief when Pitt ditched the flowing tresses.

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