Pyramid Head, the Butcher, the Nurses... these are just a few of the monsters in the upcoming "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" that leave us saying "WTF!"

The demented creatures from the long-running video game series are ready to send a collective shiver down audience's spines this weekend; you may think that moviegoers are braced for anything, but horror cinema has proven that it will always find new ways to be freakishly weird. In fact, since the dawn of filmmaking, special effects wizards have been coming up with new twists on everything -- from aliens to vampires to circus folk -- that leaves crowds shrieking "Ah, what the &$#% is that?!"

To get in the expletive-spouting mood, Moviefone looks at the 35 most WTF monsters in movie history, from gory monstrosities to golden age nightmares. (Warning: NSFW)

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