Cartoon characters make for great Halloween costumes; they're bright, colorful and they give you permission to look as goofy as possible. But why do us live-action humans get to have all the fun? Surely, the cartoons also love dressing up as their favorite pop culture characters. But we rarely get a glimpse into their Halloween adventures beyond a 30 minute special broken up by annoying commercials.

To remedy that situation -- and revel in their animated costume flare -- Moviefone has teamed up with our favorite artist Dennis Culver to create a spooktacular costume gallery, showing off our favorite cartoon characters and their choice Halloween ensembles. Because even when you're the mascot for Disney, you still deserve one night a year to dress up like a slasher movie freak.

Check out our gallery of cartoon characters' trick-or-treating adventures, featuring favorites from the silver screen and saturday morning, dressed as monsters, heroes and more!


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