We all want to be scared on Halloween -- at least, that's the goal of the spooky holiday.

Netflix Canada and Rue Morgue magazine, Canada's preeminent horror dossier, have teamed up to create a list of the Top 20 streaming horror movies available on the content-download service. From the classic '80s paranormal adventure "Ghostbusters" to the claustrophobic "The Descent," there's something for every movie taste on this list.

"One of the reasons I wanted to curate a list of horror films through Netflix is that there are a lot of films on the service that we've championed in the pages of Rue Morgue," says editor-in-chief Dave Alexander. "There's a ton of cool stuff that has flown under the radar for various reasons, but if you're a horror fan, you should be checking 'em out. "Black Death" is a perfect example; we put it on the cover of the mag because it's this really original film set in the time of the Black Plague, involving a cult and a band of not-so-merry band-men on a witch hunt -- how often do you come across something like that?"

Alexander is totally confident that even a Halloween naysayer will be on-board for at least one of the selected films.

"We cast a wide net with the list, so there are fun, special effects-driven '80s classics like 'Fright Night,' 'They Live' and 'Tremors,' along with more obscure but really cool Canadian picks such as the original 'My Bloody Valentine' -- Quentin Tarantino's favourite slasher flick -- and 'Cube.' Naturally, there's some stuff for gorehounds, notably the outrageous 'Human Centipede' movies and 'Shaun of the Dead.'"

"If you're a horror fan outside of Halloween, there's a load of cool stuff on Netflix. Hell, if you can't find $8 a month worth of worthwhile genre stuff to stream, take my advice and throw your TV in front of a bus."

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