The Bond franchise wouldn't have made it to 50 years without its high-tech gadgets and exotic locales, but that's not what sells tickets. No, the real selling point: 007's lineup of beautiful, scantily clad women. Bonds may come and go, but a woman in a bikini is a thing of beauty forever, right, James?

To rank our favorite Bond Girls, we concocted a formula (top secret, of course) based on looks, brains, resourcefulness, relevance to the plot and iconic stature. We also factored in ones James (all six of him) loved the most. Check out all 25 in the gallery below. (FYI, femme fatales, such as Xenia Onatopp, are on our Best and Worst Bond Villains List.)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said that there had been five James Bonds, when there have, in fact, been six (not including Peter Sellers' version). We apologize for the mistake.
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