The jury's picks for the four finalists in the sixth annual Air Canada enRoute Film Festival are in.

The filmmakers will each win an award tonight in one of the festival's categories: Best Short Film, Achievement in Direction, Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Documentary. They will each also receive an all-inclusive trip for two to the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France courtesy of Air Canada, while the winner of the Best Short Film will receive $5,000, courtesy of sponsor Cineplex.

Jury members include Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill, Gordon Pinsent, Callum Keith Rennie, Saul Rubinek and Jacob Tierney.

Alexander Carson, "We Refuse to Be Cold"
Simultaneously cold and warm, this short focuses on a couple who -- like the title says -- refuses to let winter's icy tendrils in. They strive to keep the warmth and fire of their relationship alive, even in Montreal's cruel, harsh February.

Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas, "Noeud papillon" (To view trailer, click here.) The most humourous of the bunch, this is also the only French entry in the finals. It's picture day at school for a young boy, who's mother always dresses him in out-there outfits. A joy to watch, it's easy to get lost in middle-school nostalgia as petty grievances turn into big vengeance.

Danielle Sahota and Davina Rimmer for "We Blinded the Sun"
This artsy, symbolic entry is melancholic, to say the least. We have images of wingless angels in the mud, a drunk father lying on the beach, and multiple shots of musical instruments burning. A pseudo-commentary on the father-child relationship, it's easily the darkest of the four finalists.

Justin Friesen for "Let's Make Lemonade"
As jovial as it is uplifting, this behind-the-scenes documentary-type short film follows The Lemon Bucket Orchestra, a collection of buskers, as they travel like a group of nomads through an urban setting. It's a study of group formation and balance; if someone's personality doesn't fit in with the group, there's no way they can join. It takes a certain "something" to be able to create beautiful music.

Free public screenings of the top six films and the award ceremony are taking place on Wednesday, November 7 in Toronto (Varsity Theatre and Panorama Lounge, respectively), along with screenings in Vancouver and Montreal.
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