Daniel Day-Lewis may be known for his chameleon-like performances in front of the camera, but off it he's just a normal guy, as evidenced in these photos from last night's premiere of "Lincoln."

In the film, Day-Lewis portrays Abraham Lincoln, as our 16th president looks to end the strife between North and South, while also attempting to secure enough votes to introduce an amendment that ends slavery.

The film has already been getting rave reviews, and is almost a guaranteed lock for several Oscar nominations in 2013.

Below, you can check out photos of the cast and crew -- including Day-Lewis, director Steven Spielberg, Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- following a gala screening of the movie at the AFI Fest in Hollywood last night.

"Lincoln" is set to hit theaters in limited release today and will open nationwide next week.

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In his final months, Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) takes steps to ensure the end of slavery forever. Read More

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