Mary Todd Lincoln is one of the better-known figures in American history, but perhaps not for the best of reasons. She's known for being the "crazy" wife of former president Abraham Lincoln, though in reality she was a confidante and supporter of most of his initiatives. Over time, several family tragedies took their toll on her, and eventually she suffered a nervous breakdown.

In "Lincoln," Sally Fieldplays Lincoln in a calm, compassionate way, though the fire is always there behind her eyes. Moviefone Canada caught up with the Oscar-winning actress on her press tour in Toronto, and we spoke with her about how she sought to portray Lincoln, why this role was like a "meal," and why she and Daniel Day-Lewis were texting and emailing each other prior to filming.

(Watch video interview, above.)

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In his final months, Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) takes steps to ensure the end of slavery forever. Read More

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