Hey girl, it's Ryan Gosling's 32nd birthday.

With countless tumblrs, a new (sigh) relationship, and a slew of fan favorite movies, it's been quite the year for the actor. And while that's all fine and good (hey, the more Gos, the better), it's time to look back on the days when Ryan Gosling stole our hearts years ago, as Noah from "The Notebook."

His appearance alongside his real-life lady-to-be, Rachel McAdams in the 2004 Nicholas Sparks adaptation set him on a one way track to the heartthrob hall of fame.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've sobbedswooned over the romance flick, but in honor of the Gos's blessed day, let's take a look at 32 reasons why The Kiss from "The Notebook" is the best. Heart-clentch, locked and loaded.

1. Beautiful duck land 2. Rachel McAdam's lipstick 3. Ryan Gosling's ugly beard, that still doesn't take away from his looks. 4. "What are they all doing here?" 5. She's psyched to feed these birds. 6. Noah's totally thinking: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." 7. He's so knowledgable about migration. 8. "You look different, too...but in a good way." Oh, go on, Gos. 9. "You know, you're kind of the same, though." Rachel McAdams waxing poetic. 10. "It's beautiful what you did." 11. "Well, I promised you I would." 12. It's thundering, and the Gos is rowing feverishly. 13. Her hair is down now. 14. And the rain. 15. And that laugh. 16. And her laugh! 17. "Noah!" she exclaims, playfully throwing that small towel (?) toward him. 18. Oh, they're really loving it. 19. But a wave of seriousness washes over them. 20. She's stomping away. 21. While the Gos dutifully anchors his boat. 22. "Why didn't you write me?" 23. *Disbelief* 24. "Why?!" 25. And the line, delivered with the same passion as though he were ordering an ice cream cone: "I wrote you 365 letters." 26. "I wrote you everyday for a year." 27. "It wasn't over." 28. Music swells. 29. "It still isn't over!" 30. Rachel McAdams opens her mouth to scream! 31. But instead... 32. The Kiss.
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