If you've been crying your red-colored eyes out over the end of "Twilight," you're not alone.

Kellan Lutz, who is laying his role of Emmett Cullen to rest, tells Moviefone sister site Cambio that he departs the franchise with a heavy heart.

"So much mixed emotion," Kellan said. "You're happy it's done, I'm satisfied because it's my favorite movie out of the bunch, but you get affected. It's been a journey. It's been a large, influential part of your life that I don't think anything will ever match up to."

Lutz assures fans that, although the film has some embellishments, the final "Twilight" flick, "Breaking Dawn, Part 2," remains faithful to the Stephenie Meyer-penned book.

While the actor describes his time working on "Twilight" as "timeless," Lutz is open to continuing the Cullen narrative.

"I'd love to show some more backstory or show more of the relationship between Rosalie and Emmitt, so I'd definitely come back."

See, Twihards, there's hope!

Click over to Cambio for more on Lutz and the end of "Twilight."
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