The end is near for the "Twilight" franchise (which, not surprisingly, made a boatload of cash over the weekend). But no matter what you think about the blockbuster series (see video above), you can at least agree that the last several months have been rather awkward for Twi-hards. For those out of the loop: "Twilight" lead Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on her "Twilight" co-star/real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson back in July. Thankfully, it appears the two have kissed and made up just in time to promote their new movie. But that didn't stop the weeks of bizarre posturing from both actors, attempting to avoid questions about their personal lives.

Nevertheless, the awkwardness off screen for the two young stars have at least given us a good reminder of the long history of awkwardness on screen. From bad family dinners to being lost in translation, movies have provided plenty of bizarre moments over the years (some on purpose, some not so much).

So! In case Twi-hards are still having a hard time keeping their mind off the affair, here's a perfect distraction: A look back at some of the most awkward moments in movie history.

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