This week, Ang Lee's "Life of Pi," based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, is unleashed, nationwide. The film is something of a masterpiece. It's also a curious anomaly -- a wildly expensive mainstream Hollywood movie with a deeply soulful meditation on the nature of faith and humanity.

Lee has always been a restless creative spirit, pin-balling from one genre to the next while maintaining a set of thematic concerns and a commitment to breathtaking, occasionally groundbreaking technical proficiency (but never at the cost of the story). If anything, "Life of Pi" is the culmination of his life's work -- a movie that dazzles the eye in profound new ways while tugging violently at the heartstrings.

In honor of "Pi," we've collected ten of our favorite Ang Lee shots that work on a similar level. Prepared to be dazzled again (or anew).

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Life of Pi
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