"Are you decent, my dear?" asks Sir Anthony Hopkins in a new clip of "Hitchcock."

From Sacha Gervasi comes a biopic of one of the most evocative directors of our time, Alfred Hitchcock. The film chronicles the difficulty of making "Psycho" and the surprising behind-the-scenes love story between Hitchcock (Hopkins) and his wife, Alma (Helen Mirren).

The newly released clip sees the silhouetted director on the very first day of shooting "Psycho" where he has rounded up all the stars -- Vera Miles (Jessica Biel), Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson) and Anthony Perkins (James D'Arcy) -- to pledge that they will not divulge any of the secrets of the thriller.

Take a look at the video above. "Hitchcock" starring Hopkins, Mirren, Johansson, Biel and James D'Arcy hits theaters November 23.
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