Thirty five years ago, the world caught a lasting case of disco fever, one that still rages to this day. "Saturday Night Fever," which opened on December 16, 1977, wasn't just a hit movie or a best-selling soundtrack: it was a cultural phenomenon, the pinnacle of disco pop culture. The film also gave us a new screen star in John Travolta.

Today, everything about this movie feels iconic: The White Suit (bought by the film's No. 1 fan, the late critic Gene Siskel), the Bee Gees' chart-topping songs and Travolta's dance-floor pose, copied (and sent up) countless times by "Saturday Night Live" "Airplane!," "Dancing With the Stars" and "Glee."

The film grossed $94 million in the U.S. alone, and racked up $237 million worldwide. The soundtrack ruled the charts for 24 straight weeks and is still ranked as one of the all-time bestsellers. (Admit it, every time you hear, "Stayin' Alive," you feel like strutting.)

To celebrate the film's 35th anniversary, here's what the stars are up to now:

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