Even if you've never seen "Sophie's Choice," you know what the term means: An impossible, heart-wrenching decision that will destroy you no matter what you decide.

It's the role that, more than any other, defined Meryl Streep's career. She won a Best Actress Oscar for playing the beautiful but guilt-ridden Holocaust survivor in which she demonstrated her stunning command of foreign accents, dramatic weight loss and every other tool at an actor's disposal. Although it's hard to believe that it's been 30 years since the film was released (it opened on December 8, 1982), viewers were reminded of it in the lead-up to the 2012 Oscars, when it was pointed out that the last time Streep had won was for "Sophie" (that drought that ended when she brought home the trophy for"The Iron Lady").

With her third Oscar win, Streep remains at the top of her game, but what about the rest of her co-stars? (We wish we knew where the young actors who played her son and daughter are, but "Sophie's Choice" was the only film either has appeared in.) Let's find out what the cast of "Sophie's Choice" is up to now.

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