Pop quiz: If Peter Jackson lived in Middle Earth, what kind of creature would he be? A wizard? An elf? An orch (hopefully, not)? Well, as the director explained in Moviefone's latest Unscripted, "I am a hobbit. I can never be mistaken for an elf. I am home-loving, a little bit safety conscious and happy to stick my feet up over the fire."

For our new Unscripted session, Jackson, along with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman, answered your questions about "The Hobbit." The upcoming "Lord of the Rings" prequel, the first installment in a new trilogy, is set to hit theaters this Friday, with Freeman starring as a young Bilbo Baggins and Serkis reprising his role as the evil Golum. Here, the trio were in good spirits when discussing their work on this Tolkien adaptation. Serkis even gave us a little Gollum impression toward the end of the clip.

You can check out the full Unscripted video above. And check back all this week for more "Hobbit" coverage.

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