Around this time every year, people revisit their favorite holiday movies. I'm sure you have your favorites that you pop in annually -- movies that evoke a certain amount of holly jolly cheer and nostalgic euphoria. Maybe you throw these movies on while you're decorating the tree or wrapping presents for your ungrateful cousins. But there are only so many times you can watch "It's A Wonderful Life" before you start imagining what would happen if Jimmy Stewart's character had his legs bitten off by a killer whale like Marion Cotillard's in "Rust & Bone."

For those of you that are growing weary of the holiday standbys, and maybe want a little teeth with your tinsel, the following is a list of movies that can be played during Christmastime, but aren't explicitly filled with Christmas cheer. So, while they will get you in the spirit of the holiday, you won't get a cavity from all the candy-cane-sweetness, either.

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