It's been 20 years since "A Few Good Men" hit theaters (on December 11, 1992), yet "You can't handle the truth!" is still one of the best-known movie quotes of all time.

The Rob Reiner movie -- which starred Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon, with appearances from Kiefer Sutherland, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Noah Wyle -- went on to grab four Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture and a Best Supporting Actor nod for Nicholson. It earned more than $236 million worldwide, making it Reiner's biggest hit.

However, a lot has changed for the players since 1992: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin went on to create "The West Wing," Cruise got divorced then married then divorced again, and Sutherland went from playing violent creeps to American heroes ("24").

Much of the cast's careers have risen and fallen over the years but, thanks to their appearance in one of the most popular courtroom dramas ever filmed, we'll always want to know what they're up to now.

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