Thanks in part to Judd Apatow, the movie spin-off is going places. He already produced one with "Get Him to the Greek," which branched off "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Now he's got a directorial project in "This is 40," a story spun off from "Knocked Up." For those unaware, what makes it a spin-off rather than a sequel is that it follows minor characters from the original story. (It's just like Coach Lubbock from "Growing Pains" getting his own series in "Just the Ten of Us," except it's on the big screen.)

But Apatow isn't the only one making spin-offs. This year, there was "The Bourne Legacy," and -- in some backward spin-off way -- "Prometheus." Meanwhile, with the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, fans have been calling for spin-offs of supporting "Star Wars" characters, including Boba Fett.

So, we thought it would be fun to come up with ten more very minor and/or supporting characters from movies that we'd watch in their own spin-off feature. This is only the start, though. Please, join us with more suggestions in the comments.

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