Between his latest film and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the big four-oh is obviously an important number for Judd Apatow (and, presumably, many others). But the semi-autobiographical This Is 40 doesn't just see the famously self-obsessed writer/director looking back at his own life, it also sees him returning to one of his earlier films.

Billed as the "sort-of sequel" to Knocked Up, which is really just a fancy way of saying spin-off, This Is 40 follows Debbie (Leslie Mann), Pete (Paul Rudd) and their two kids (Maude and Iris Apatow) as the couple navigates turning 40, and all the mid-life crises that come with it.

But can This Is 40 top its "sort-of" predecessor, which went on to critical acclaim and big money at the box office thanks to Apatow's patented combo of R-rated humor and heartfelt sentiment? Or does it land closer to overly narcissistic Funny People territory? To find out, I crunched the numbers.

(Please note, like Debbie's stated age, the following numbers are subject to change without notice.)

Major characters who return from Knocked Up: 4 Minor characters who return from Knocked Up: 3 (including Debbie's gynecologist) Appearances by Bridesmaids castmembers: 4 Appearances by other Apatow former and current co-workers: 2 Appearances by Apatow's actual family members: 4 (including his grandmother) Appearances by famous musicians: 3 Appearances by members of the Philadelphia Flyers: 4 Mentions of Katherine Heigl's character Alison, Seth Rogen's Ben and/or Debbie and Pete's now-5-year-old nephew: 0

Times Debbie claims she isn't 40: At least 5 Age Debbie claims to be: 38 Actual age of Leslie Mann: 40 Actual age of Paul Rudd: 43 Actual age of Judd Apatow: 45

Fights (with each other): 7 total (both innocuous and justifiable) Fights (with others): 8 Heart-to-hearts: 4

Marriage jokes: 7 Age jokes: 8 Dick jokes: 9 Period jokes: 4 Lost jokes: 10 Lost clips used: 4

Percentage of the movie the characters spend bickering with each other: 60% Percentage of the movie the characters spend being nice to each other: 20% Percentage of the movie the characters spend talking about Lost: 20% Years since Lost has been on the air: 2

Cigarettes snuck by Debbie: 3 Cupcakes snuck by Pete: 4 Medical exams shown: 7 Pete's cholesterol level: 305 Moral high ground winner: Debbie

Children from second marriages: 5 Times a parent insults their own child: 8 Times a parent insults someone else's child: 7 Children threatened and/or yelled at: 3

Estimated copies Pete expects to sell of Graham Parker's new record: 10,000 Copies the record actually sells: 612 Money lent to Pete's dad: $80,000 Money stolen from Debbie's shop: $12,000 Mortgage payments missed: At least 1 Peter and Debbie's debt: High Approximate cost of Pete and Debbie's mid-movie spa trip: Several thousand dollars

Guys who fight over Megan Fox's Desi: 2, plus at least 4 members of the Philadelphia Flyers Percentage of screen time Megan Fox spends in her underwear: 50% Percentage of screen time Paul Rudd spends in his underwear: 15%

Elements recycled from Knocked Up for the "sort-of sequel": Characters, scenes, locations, and a few jokes Knocked Up runtime: 129 minutes Knocked Up Rotten Tomatoes rating: 90% Expectations: Set

Funny People runtime: 146 minutes Funny People Rotten Tomatoes rating: 68% Expectations: Lowered

This Is 40 runtime: 134 minutes This Is 40 Rotten Tomatoes rating (as of press time): 60% Expectations: Exceeded

'This Is 40' opens in theaters on December 21.

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