How much do we love Ryan Gosling? With "Gangster Squad" opening this Friday, let us count the ways we adore the adorably charming, slightly snarky, always well-dressed, intensely talented actor with a heart of gold who has a serious sideline in saving people in real life. (Oh, and he also sings and plays the ukulele.)

20. We knew he was a great dramatic actor, but "Crazy, Stupid Love" proved he could do comedy as well. And he kept journalists in stitches at the "Gangster Squad" junket by claiming that tight pants were the reason his voice is higher than usual in the film.

19. He's Canadian: Just one more way he keeps it real and from going "too Hollywood."

18. He has his own band, Dead Man's Bones and they're actually good. Rolling Stone described their sound as "the demon spawn of the Misfits, Bauhaus and the Zombies" and called them "ghoulishly infectious."

17. He not only sings in his own band, he can also play several instruments. As one Youtube commenter put it: "So he can act, he has style, he is smart, he is funny, he is old-hollywood-romantic, he can sing, he plays guitar and piano. I am in love." Or as another put it, "This f***king guy is perfect."

16. He's aware of (and charmingly amused by) the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling meme. Watch him read a few selections about ducks and the Golden Girls and get adorably embarrassed:

15. He defended a woman's right to pleasure! When the ratings board wanted to give his movie "Blue Valentine" an NC-17 for a scene in which he goes down on co-star Michelle WIlliams, Gosling blasted the board for having a double standard. They agreed and the scene stayed in.

14. He makes eating pizza look sexy.

13. He really does have Photoshopped abs.

12. Did we mention the killer blue eyes? And the little crinkle lines when he laughs?

11. His acting role models are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, as he explained in this silly riff of an interview, "When I play a character, I try to figure out if the character's like Bugs or Daffy, so ["Crazy, Stupid Love"] was a real thrill for me because I was just straight up playing Bugs." And yes, that makes Steve Carell Daffy.

10. He's a major box office star who's still got his indie cred, thanks to roles like his laconic getaway driver in "Drive."

9. His smile is so charming, it has its own tag on Tumblr.

8. He cleans up nice. He's as at home in a designer suit on a red carpet as he seems to be in jeans and a T-shirt. (Yes, there's a Tumblr called The Ryan Gosling Style FIle.)

7. He helped cleanup efforts after Hurricane Katrina and supports charities for puppies (PETA) and kids (Invisible Children). He's also traveled to Chad, Uganda and eastern Congo to raise awareness for causes like the Enough Project to end genocide.

6. Even while being serious -- he talked about his work in the Congo on a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel -- he follows it up with some comedic ukulele. What's not to love?

5. His not being named People's Sexiest Man of the Year (they opted for Bradley Cooper instead) caused near riots among his fans. But, really, isn't it cooler not to get that dubiously mainstream seal of approval?

4. He's dated some of the most famous women in Hollywood (including "Murder by Numbers" co-star Sandra Bullock) but never kissed and told. He's currently seeing Eva Mendes. (Sorry, ladies.)

3.THAT SCENE in "The Notebook." Okay, the whole movie, but the scene in the rain, where he tells Rachel McAdams that he wrote her every day for a year and then he just grabs her and kisses her. Yeah, we'll be over here fanning ourselves.

2. As if that moment in the movie weren't enough, he and then-girlfriend McAdams recreated their famous "jump into his arms" kiss from "The Notebook" at the MTV Movie Awards in 2005.

1. He's a real-life hero. Not only did he break up a street fight, but he saved a woman from being hit by a cab Best of all, he's still humble (and kind of embarrassed) about being called a hero. Thanks, Gos. The streets of NYC are safer because of you.
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