In "Gangster Squad," a motley crew of cops join forces to take down mobster Mickey Cohen. They're led by war veteran John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) who thinks with his fists, a street-smart cop who's handy with a knife (Anthony Mackie), a quick-draw cowboy (Robert Patrick), the cynical cop who's out for vengeance (Ryan Gosling) and the techie (Giovanni Ribisi) who sets up critical wiretaps under Cohen's own nose.

The film draws on a long line of mission movies, from "The Magnificent Seven" to "The Untouchables," which inspired us to assemble a list of our favorite "men on a mission" movies. Of course, in any mission -- whether the goal is take down a gangster or a villain from another planet -- you've got to have a team of experts. Usually, you need brains, brawn, gadgets galore and guys who are handy with guns, knives, explosives or (depending on the situation) bow-and-arrow.

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