What do you get when you have Lindsay Lohan + movie shoot + Bret Easton Ellis + porno co-star? Eleven pages of pure madness.

Madness that is now, thanks to a new New York Times Magazine expose, willed into reality. The article follows a havoc-wreaking Lindsay Lohan on the set of the microbudget film, "The Canyons."

Directed by one-time Hollywood heavyweight, Paul Schrader ("American Gigilo") and written by Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho"), the film stars popular porn star James Deen as a man attempting to navigate a difficult (and scintillating) relationship with Lohan's character. (The film's tag line reads, "Youth, glamor, sex and Los Angeles, circa 2012" -- kind of amazing, right?)

Lohan's disturbing quirks while shooting the movie range from the familiar (chain-smoking, rule breaking) to the more colorful -- and downright sad -- (nudity-coaxing, hysterical crying). However, the article mainly shows that Lohan is very difficult to work with on set. That said, since the sprawling tale is best appreciated unencumbered, below are 12 things we learned from the bananas expose.

1. Everyone, including Shrader's daughter, pleaded with him not to hire Lohan.

2. The budget for the "The Canyons" was largely made up of revenue from the fundraising website Kickstarter. People paid large sums -- including $3,000 for the chance to work out with Ellis and his trainer -- to be involved with the production.

3. After missing a few rehearsals, Lohan was fired.

4. Feeling upset, Lohan tracked down the director in Orlando, Florida. She banged on multiple doors, crying, until she found Shrader. He did not come out. He only texted, "Lindsay, go home." Lohan continued to cry outside of his door for 90 minutes, then left.

5. She was eventually rehired -- but was still difficult.

6. Lohan had no problem talking down to Schrader. At one point, after shooting a scene, she shot back at him: "I hope you got my triple chin on that one. That shot was hideous."

7. Once, before filming the film's "crucial" four-way sex scene, LiLo sequestered herself in her room. Shrader, first, went berserk. Then, he took off all his clothing and approached the actress: "Lins, I want you to be comfortable," he said. "C'mon, let's do this."

8. This worked.

9. Once, Lohan and Lady Gaga partied until 5:30 am.

10. She ran up a $600 tab on sushi, vodka and sake for lunch one day. As one producer said: "Six hundred dollars is huge on this movie. That's six guys' pay for the day."

11. While everyone generally considered Lohan's Lifetime movie, "Liz & Dick" as garbage, the actress related to the film's poignant script. "There was a line in the 'Elizabeth' movie where she says, 'I'm so bored, I've never been taught what to do when I'm not working,' and I'm kind of figuring that out now."

12. Lohan has not forgiven Oliver Stone for passing on her for "Savages." After noticing a magazine cover with the director on it, she took the periodical and ripped it into pieces.

13. Shrader does not regret casting Lohan. "She's great in the film," he said.

For more, click over to the NYT Magazine.

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