This weekend the Guillermo del Toro-produced shock-show "Mama" opens nationwide. The story of two little girls who are abandoned in an isolated cabin in the woods and brought back to civilization by their kindly uncle and his less-than-thrilled girlfriend (potential soon-to-be-Oscar winner Jessica Chastain), it also features a really scary, witchy monster-like ghost called Mama. Mama wants to keep an eye on those little girls, by any means necessary. And sometimes things get pretty freaky (or at least as freaky as you can get with a burdensome PG-13 rating).

This got us to thinking about the best (worst?) mothers in cinematic history and how they compare to the ghostly visage of Mama. Turns out some of them are just as evil (if not more so!) Behold: ten of the all-time scariest cinematic moms!

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