After the bananas trailer for "Movie 43," which stars an impressive 28 celebrities, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse has been charged with the task of breaking down the film in this newest behind-the-scenes newest feature.

"They got a bunch of B-list actors to work with me," begins the "Superbad" star. And, indeed, the cast has wrangled up a bunch of nobodies, some of whom include Elizabeth Banks, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emma Stone, Jason Sudeikis, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet (and many, many more).

The exclusive clip, which you can watch above, features a coming-of-age scene with Mintz-Plasse's "Kickass" co-star Moretz. To sum up, he explains, "This film is disgusting, funny, sexy and, all around, just a good ol' time."

Take a look at the sneak peek of the film above; "Movie 43," hits theaters in January 25.

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Movie 43
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