Just like Harry Potter's Wizarding World is set to open in Universal Studios Hollywood, the popular "Transformers 3D" attraction is crossing the country to open at Universal Orlando Resort.

Optimus Prime announced the upcoming ride -- which is slated to open this summer 2013 -- by breaking into the Studio's nightly Cinematic Spectacular montage of Universal's 100 years of films to warn of the Decepticons' plan to take over Orlando.

"A battle is coming to Orlando," Optimus' booming voice (Peter Cullen) announced to thousands of applauding fans.

"Transformers: The Ride 3D" opened in Hollywood this past May, immediately becoming the theme park's must-see destination, and before that in Singapore in Dec. 3011.

"It has already become a global phenomenon, and reaction has been over the top," said Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative. "So it was rush-rush and 'Let's get it to Orlando in a hurry.'"

Like both the "Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" ride and "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" attraction that takes fans through New York City and Hogwarts, respectively, the new "Trasnformers" ride will use a mix of 3D and simulators to put fans in the perspective of a Transformer -- the new Autobot "Evac," who was created specifically for the ride.

"Transformers" director Michael Bay consulted on the attraction's story line -- especially the action and the effects.

"It was really important for us to work have Michael Bay as part of this as our creative consultant to help make it real. He is the guy behind the rebirth of the Transformers," Woodbury said, adding that the voice talent, including Cullen and Frank Welker as Megatron, were also on board for the attraction.

Even legendary director Steven Spielberg, whose own signature film "E.T" is a popular ride at the parks, had a suggestion in creating the "Transformers" attraction.

"Steven Spielberg has been our creative consultant on movie parks since 1988, since we built this park" Woodbury explains. "So we spent a lot of time with Steven talking about ideas, and as we were going through the story treatments, we talked about flying down into the streets with the Transformers, and Steven said, 'You just have to make that move through the building.' So we did it."
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