With the week winding down, you'll soon be faced with that familiar question: What are you doing this weekend? While we can't help you with your potential gym resolutions, or cleaning of attics, if you're at a loss for what movie to see this weekend, you've come to the right place.

Your trusty Moviefone editors narrowed down the best of what's debuting at the cinema -- or is screening on your TV -- to make your weekend that much better. Take a look at our picks below!


If you've turned on a TV in the last few weeks, you've no doubt seen a beautiful red-haired actress that all the critics are going gaga over. Meet Jessica Chastain, star of this weekend's horror flick "Mama." For those who already enjoyed her turn in the Oscar-nominated "Zero Dark Thirty," then this Guillermo del Toro-produced flick should be on the top of your must-watch list this weekend. Here, Chastain (sans red hair) attempts to take care of her husband's nieces, only to discover that an evil presence may be haunting the children. No, it's not Oscar material, but it is worth checking out, at the very least to watch a potential Academy Award-winning actress get the wits scared out of her. -- Alex Suskind

"The Last Stand"

OK, can you really resist the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in leading man form? Sure, "The Last Stand" might not be the best movie of all time, but if you enjoyed the spectacle of Arnie in "The Expendables 2" as he ripped the door off a car, then you're sure to revel in the goodness of "The Last Stand." And hey, at least the action-hero legend pokes fun at himself -- he mocks his age countless times and makes continual reference to how things aren't as easy for him anymore. No matter how old he gets, though, the man can still brandish a gun better than most other actors out there. -- Chris Jancelewicz

"I Saw the Devil"

If you're curious about "The Last Stand" but don't want to brave the bad weather or flu epidemic, stay indoors and check out director Kim Ji-woon's previous efforts in the world of South Korean cinema. He's made horror ("A Tale of Two Sisters") and gonzo westerns ("The Good, The Bad, the Weird") but my recommendation is his gut-wrenching thriller "I Saw the Devil." It's the story of a young ass-kicking secret agent who pursues a deranged serial killer, after the agent's pregnant wife becomes the maniac's latest victim. It's a dark movie for a cold season: there's plenty of cringe-worthy violence and it has a bleak worldview, but it's on par with the crossover classic "Oldboy." If you can stomach movies that don't have the happiest of endings (or beginnings or middles) you should check it out for the intense fight scenes, nerve-wracking suspense and beautiful-looking direction. -- Eric Larnick

Casino Royale

Loved "Skyfall"? As an alternative to the Saturday night at the cinema, take a look at Daniel Craig's first turn as 007 in "Casino Royale" on BBC at 6PM EST. The 2006 action flick, which revamped the franchise (ignoring, of course, "Quantum of Solace"), finds Bond playing high stakes poker in Montenegro. Here, he must win against a blood-weeping terrorist financier (Mads Mikkelsen) in order thwart his plans to fund nefarious organizations across the globe. With faraway locales, the sumptuous Eva Green as the double-crossing Bond Girl, and Craig as the consummately cool hero, the film is a treat for any 007 fan. -- Jessie Heyman

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