Have you picked up the pieces of your brain yet? Yesterday, the geek universe had its mind blown by the news that J.J. Abrams -- the man who brought "Star Trek" back to the big screen -- was going to do the same for a new installment of "Star Wars." By taking on the highly-coveted directing gig, Abrams goes where no man has gone before: uniting the Trekkies and Jedis together.

"Star Trek" and "Star Wars" both host some of the most passionate fans in the entire galaxy, but the inter-franchise relationship has been icy at best. With Abrams serving as the cinematic puppet master for both worlds, are the communities ready to reach across the aisle and embrace each other's movies?

While an actual "Trek"/"Wars" movie will never happen (unless J.J. is even more powerful than we could ever imagine), the Internet can give us a glimpse into the brave new world of both films working together. Moviefone has assembled some of the most awesome, clever and hilarious fan art that imagines what would happen if "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" finally mashed-up.


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