This week "Bullet to the Head" hits the big screen and marks the long awaited return of a singular voice in American film, Walter Hill. His first film since 2002's marginal prison boxing movie "Undisputed," Hill is probably best known for his role in Ridley Scott's "Alien." Hill produced and co-wrote (with frequent collaborator David Giler) the original script, adding in the Ash reveal and developing the characters more fully. (Together with Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis, Giler and Hill would co-create the highly influential "Tales from the Crypt" TV series; Hill would direct three of the series' most memorable episodes, including the pilot.)

As a writer/director, Hill has had a long and varied career. On the eve of the release of "Bullet to the Head," we thought we would run down his five best films. In recent years, Hill's surly disposition has gotten the better of him, most famously when tensions ran high on his 2000 sci-fi thriller "Supernova," which required Francis Ford Coppola, then a creative consultant for MGM, to shoot additional footage in an attempt to salvage the production. But that doesn't tarnish his filmography, nor does it cool our excitement for "Bullet to the Head."

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