There's too many of them! We can't keep them at bay! We're talking about zombies movies of course; just when it seems like we've seen all possible variations on the brain-eating walking dead, along comes a movie like "Warm Bodies" hitting theaters this weekend. "Bodies" takes everything you know and love about zombie movies (flesh eating, slow, lurching walks) and throws in a crazy new ingredient: romance. It's a "Romeo and Juliet"-inspired tale of forbidden love between a beautiful human girl (Julie) and the undead "R."

Fans are already whipped up in a frenzy for "Warm Bodies," and it's no surprise; zombies are the only monster that can give vampires a run for their money in the "die-hard fans" category. And this is never more evident than in the insanely awesome wealth of movie-inspired fan art. Everything from "Bodies" to classics like "Night of the Living Dead" (with an '80s pit-stop in between) have been immortalized by seriously talented artists and their uniquely creative tribute art. And that's not all! The zombie infection has spread to other movie fandoms like Trekkies and Disney Princesses, proving that when it comes to movie art, we all have an insatiable craving for zombies.

Check out some of our favorite zombie-inspired movie art in the gallery below!


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