Yes, Nicolas Hoult, the little kid from "About a Boy," is all grown-up. Now, he's the lead in a zombie romance flick called "Warm Bodies," which landed at number-one at the box office this past weekend.

As he told us during out sit-down interview, Hoult loved the idea of a different kind of a zombie movie: "I started reading it and just really enjoyed it. It was funny and sweet and the character was just something that I really wanted to play."

Of course, Hoult has plenty of other big movies coming down the pike as well, including "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and the "Mad Max" remake. But, before he heads off to those franchises, take a look at the actor and his "Warm Bodies" co-stars on the red-carpet for their film.

Warm Bodies
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An unusual romance unfolds after a zombie saves a young woman's life. Read More

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