Aptly enough, it took fans watching "Groundhog Day" over and over to transform the film from a modest hit into a modern-day comedy classic. The film, released 20 years ago this week (on Feb. 12, 1993), was ultimately embraced by various religious groups (Buddhists, Christians, and Jews have all found in "Groundhog Day" a parable for their own spiritual philosophies), academics, and regular folks who just want a chuckle at Bill Murray's painful, repetitive, slowly dawning awareness of how to turn the worst day of his life into the best by learning to do good for others and to appreciate the world he lives in.

The film also marked a dramatic turning point in the careers of most of the principals who worked on it, including Murray, co-writer/director Harold Ramis, and co-stars Andie MacDowell and Stephen Tobolowsky. Two decades later, they're still feeling its ripple effects. Here, then, is a list that answers the question "Where Are They Now?" for the folks who made "Groundhog Day" and had their lives changed by it.

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