Ah, the eternal question -- at least around the Moviefone water cooler -- what to watch this weekend? But, there are so many choices! Or, sometimes, not enough.

Luckily, your trusty editors narrowed down the best of what's debuting at the cinema -- or screening on your TV -- to make your weekend that much better. Take a look at our picks below!

"A Good Day to Die Hard"

This movie is getting lambasted by critics, and it's tough to deny their negative comments -- a movie franchise like "Die Hard" has so many memories and so much legacy attached to it that any sequel will inevitably pale in comparison to the originals. But I argue that it's worth seeing if you're a fan of John McClane and his quippy one-liners. In this latest iteration, McClane travels to Russia to rescue his allegedly "lost" son, Jack. But when he shows up, he discovers that Jack's actually working as a CIA operative. So, naturally, the father and son team up to bring down the evildoers. -- Chris Jancelewicz

"Skyfall" (New on DVD/Blu-Ray)

Want your Valentine's weekend shaken, not stirred? No need to make a reservation, the perma-suave agent is now making house calls. After the wince-worthy "Quantum of Solace," Sam Mendes did the seemingly impossible and completely revamped the Bond series with "Skyfall." Here, Daniel Craig is charged with protecting MI6 and M (Judi Dench) from a ridiculously coiffed villain (Javier Bardem) hell-bent on revenge. The movie has been heralded as the best Bond ever. And indeed, "Skyfall" gives fans everything they ever wanted from a 007 flick: a fresh take on the franchise, with a nod to bygone tropes. -- Jessie Heyman

"Groundhog Day"

For reasons we'll never understand, Columbia Pictures released the modern comedy classic "Groundhog Day" on February 12 and not February 2nd. So even though we missed out on honoring its titular holiday, it's imperative that you watch it this weekend for a variety of reasons. First, because the movie is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Secondly, Bill Murray's charismatic, shaggy-dog approach to romance makes it the perfect palette cleanser for sickly-sweet Valentine's Day sap. Still not convinced? Well, the movie approaches the big questions about the meaning of life with a hilarious laid-back charm -- and what better time is there to seize control of your destiny and live life to its fullest than with a three-day weekend? (Thank you President's Day!) When you break it down, "Groundhog's Day" is the definitive February movie, and there's no better time to watch it again and again and again. -- Eric Larnick

"History of the Eagles, Part 1 and 2" (Showtime, 2/15 and 2/16, 8:00 p.m.)

The Eagles are one of the greatest bands in history. Now, more than four decades after their inception, the group's story of struggle, success, sex, and drugs is told in a revealing two-part documentary from director Allison Ellwood. Featuring interviews with both current and former members, fans get an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the Eagles' most memorable moments, from writing "Hotel California" to breaking up in 1980. But don't worry, this isn't just a VH1 "Behind the Music" special -- this is a terrific film documenting the lives of one of rock and roll's greatest treasures. It's a must-see movie for Eagles and music fans everywhere. -- Alex Suskind
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