John McClane still has some life left in him.

The newest chapter in the "Die Hard" franchise, "A Good Day to Die Hard," debuted at No. 1 this weekend, with a $25.1 million haul -- this despite its poor showing with critics (its current Rotten Tomatoes score is at a dismal 16 percent).

In second place was last week's top film, "Identity Thief." The comedy, starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman, brought in $23.4 million. In third, was the Nicholas Sparks adaptation "Safe Haven" with $21.4 million, followed by the animation flick "Escape from Planet Earth," at $16.1 million

One of the big surprises of the weekend was "Beautiful Creatures." The film, based on the popular "Caster Chronicles" books, brought in a disappointing $7.5 million.

You can check out the full top ten for this weekend's box office, below.

1. "A Good Day to Die Hard," $25 million

2. "Identity Thief," $23.4 million

3. "Safe Haven," $21.4 million

4. "Escape from Planet Earth

5. "Warm Bodies," $9 million

6. "Beautiful Creatures," $7.5 million

7. "Side Effects," $6.3 million.

8. "Silver Linings Playbook," $6.1 million

9. "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters," $3.5 million

10. "Zero Dark Thirty," $3.1 million
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