Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week"Argo"What's It About? Ben Affleck brings us the true story (and probable Best Picture winner at this weekend's Academy Awards) of a group of Americans who attempt to escape Iran during the Hostage Crisis. See It Because: This movie is both nail-biting and feel-good, as 1970s political issues still bear a strong resonance in today's volatile landscape. Through some brilliantly suspenseful filmmaking, Affleck's message in "Argo" is clear: when you work together, there isn't anything you can't overcome.

(Watch an Exclusive clip from the "Argo" DVD at the top of this post.)

Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week"Top Gun 3D"What's It About? Tom Cruise plays a game of volleyball, other stuff. See It Because: The 3D upgrade is one of the best conversions for the home video market, enhancing the bombastic classic's aerial sights and sounds; this is the closest you'll get to recreating 1986 from the comfort of your couch.

New on DVD and Blu-ray:"Anna Karenina"What's It About? Based on the famous Leo Tolstoy novel, the film follows aristocrat Anna Karenina, who soon finds herself in the middle of an affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. This story has been told countless times, however, director Joe Wright (reuniting with his period-piece muse, Keira Knightley) manages to breathe new life into the tale, with jaw-dropping visuals as well as a plot that takes place almost exclusively on one stage. See It or Skip It: See it.

"Atlas Shrugged: Part II"What's It About? However you feel about Ayn Rand's social and economic philosophies, this second part of a planned trilogy is just as cheesy and "B movie" quality as the first. So much for the idea of being destined for greatness. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

"Fun Size"What's It About? The creator of "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" makes his directorial debut -- with a Nickelodeon-produced Halloween movie that tries to emulate an '80s classic like "Adventures in Babysitting" but misses the mark with lame jokes. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

"Hollow"What's It About? Another found footage movie drops without much fanfare; this one is about a haunted tree. Seriously. See It or Skip It: Skip it.

"The Package"What's It About? If you find yourself itching for more "Expendables" action, but specifically featuring the cast of the first installment, you'll love this direct-to-DVD feature starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren. See It or Skip It: See it, if it's your thing.

"Sinister"What's It About? There's some expected cheese with this Ethan Hawke-starring horror movie about a demon that lives inside the Super 8 reels of filmed murders, but "Sinister" has some of the most atmospheric, underrated, and genuinely-terrifying scary moments in recent cinema. See It or Skip It: See it.

"Special Forces"What's It About? Diane Krueger ("Inglorious Basterds") and Djimon Hounsou star in a French-language thriller about a journalist abducted by the Taliban and the Special Forces unit that swoops in to rescue her. The French prove they can make a military action movie with as much superficial gloss as any American filmmaker. See It or Skip It: See it, if you're an action movie completest.

"Sushi Girl"What's It About? Mark Hamill, Tony Todd, Danny Trejo, Michael Biehn, and loads of character actors star in a Tarantino-esque grindhouse caper about a group of criminals who reunite for a sushi dinner -- then start to get violent over missing loot. See It or Skip It: See it, if you like stylized B-movies that aim for cult status.

"Undefeated"What's It About? This documentary looks at the football coach of an inner-city Memphis high school that fought to turn the team's fortunes around. It's as inspirational as any fictional underdog movie. See It or Skip It: See it, but it's no "Hoop Dreams."

New to Blu-ray"Best in Show"

"The Insider" (1999)

"Les Miserables" (1958)

"Monsters, Inc 3D" (Ultimate Collector's Edition)

"On the Waterfront" (Criterion Collection)

"The Thief of Bagdad" (1924)
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