"Argo" get your Oscar! The Ben Affleck-directed film ended up taking home the Academy Award for Best Picture this year.

"I want to thank Tony Mendez who let us do his story," Affleck said. "I want to thank my wife, who I don't normally associate with Iran."

"Argo" was originally a longshot to win Best Picture, due to Affleck not getting a Best Director nod. Traditionally, the film that wins Best Picture has its director nominated. The last film that pulled off gold without a directing nod was "Driving Miss Daisy," when that took home the top prize in 1990. However, when "Argo" began collecting awards at all of the pre-Oscar events, it soon became the odds-on favorite.

Affleck was clearly emotional while accepting his award, thanking his fellow producers, actors, and everyone else who worked on the film. He also briefly spoke about the tougher times he's had in the industry, alluding to his "Gigli" days.

"I was here 15 years ago [winning for 'Good WIll Hunting']. I had no idea what I was doing," he added."I never thought I would be back here, but I am, because of so many of you."

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