While The Oscars are, quite obviously, held on the sunny West Coast, there are still a bunch of Academy members who live on the East Coast who have voted in the awards and still totally like to party. Luckily for them, there is a lone, official Academy Awards shindig in New York City, and earlier this week we were treated to a preview of that party's menu.

What made the truly delicious event even better was the fact that many of the menu items for the Oscar party, by celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, are inspired by the nominated films. (Sadly, "Zero Dark Berry" tart was not present.)

The event was held at Chef Daniel's Upper East Side restaurant Daniel, a place so fancy that I was pretty sure the second I walked in someone would quietly remind me that the McDonald's with the unlocked bathroom is three blocks south. East Coast Academy Program Director Patrick Harrison joined Chef Daniel, and the two talked about the "choreography" required to get the dishes out to the guests without disrupting the flow of watching the awards show.

"You don't want a bunch of rattling around when someone is accepting an award," Chef said. Damn right.

Now, let's eat! Maybe this food and drink will inspire your Sunday night Oscar menu.


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