Love her or loather her, Anne Hathaway has won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. In response, the world went crazy... on Twitter.

It's been a bit of a strange trip for Hathaway, who's gone from Oscar co-host (with the underwhelming James Franco) to Academy Award winner in just under two years. The 30-year-old actress has been considered a frontrunner in this year's Best Supporting category since December, when "Les Miserables" was first released in theaters.

Those who love Hathaway -- and, in larger part, those who don't -- took to Twitter to voice their opinions as soon as the "Princess Diaries" star walked up to accept her award for her role as Fantine in "Les Miserables." They picked apart and lauded her speech ("It came true"), commented on her wardrobe, and didn't hold back their cheers or jeers. Somehow, Hathaway has unwittingly become the most polarizing personality at the 2013 Oscars.

So what do you think? Was Hathaway the right choice, or would you rather have seen Sally Field (or someone else) get the gold?

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